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MARS Hair Growth Oil 10ml
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MARS Hair Growth Oil has many benefits for hair and skin. It consists of Castor oil, Avocado oil and Extra virgin coconut oil! 


+ Promotes HAIR GROWTH

+ Treats fungal infections

+ Moisturises the skin (good for dry skin!)

+ Can be used for massaging

+ Increase collagen metabolism

+ Helps reduce scars

+ Helps re-growth of damaged hair

+ Can be used as hair mask. Massage into scalp and leave overnight. Wash your hair and get stronger and healthier hair!

+ Lengthens and strengthens the eyelashes (good for those who wears mascara often)

+ Grow out thinning eyebrows



+ Does not affect "vellus hair" - fine, near-invisible hair on face

+ Does not make hair appear on areas where hair does not grow naturally - means if your eyebrow memang nipis, it may not be helping much. Or if your hairline memang naturally ke belakang, this oil can't help.

+ Can help men grow thicker mustache/beard

+ Smell, colour and texture may differ relative to seasons of ingredients used 

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